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Drug testing has become a commonplace occurrence in many companies in today’s world. It remains a matter of great importance in many employment situations and can be a huge aid when it comes to knowing you to hire. Here are some of the main benefits of drug testing in the workplace.


Routine Drug testing at the work site promotes work site safety and reduces the amount of drug use at a work site. Employees who work while under the influence cause an increase in the number of accidents and injuries that occur at work. This fact remains especially true when the work site requires using tools and heavy machinery. 

The U.S. Department of Justice reports that more than half of the accidents that occur in the workplace happen due to employee drug or alcohol use. Employees who use drugs at work are also five times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim, which gets expensive for your business. 

Reducing Abuse

Drug use on the work site is on the rise. If a business doesn’t require routine drug testing, employees often feel free to use their drug of choice, sometimes even while on the job. Workplace drug testing keeps employees from using drugs and coming to work high or unable to concentrate.

Reducing Turnover

Drug testing at the workplace reduces a business’ turn over rates. People who use drugs at work tend to change jobs several times per year. Requiring employees to be sober at work keeps the quality of a job site’s employees high and can reduce employee turnover by a third. Continually hiring and training new employees remains an expense in time and money that a business doesn’t need. 

Increase Production

The production rates of a business increase when routine drug testing is used. Drug-free employees are often left to pick up the slack of lost productivity created by those using drugs on site, causing discontent in the workplace. Drug- free work sites encourage employees to think and work their best. It goes without saying that employee relationships and morale is also better when the work site is drug-free.


Drug tests can be the start of a healing process. Some employers encourage their employees who fail workplace drug testing to seek treatment. The employee can get off the drug, and may be rehired upon completion of a drug treatment program. 

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